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Get more from your website and its key performance indicators prior, during, and after your marketing budget spend.

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Whether you have an existing site or just a landing page integrating Siteology to your site is simple. We offer two methods to get you up and running. Either with a copy paste code integration or utilizing our user friendly page builder option.

Once you have chosen the best option for your site you will then set up your partner networks such as Adwords and or Affiliate Networks via API.

Next you can utilize the dashboard to place your Ads accordingly on your site with your creative selections and let the magic begin.




Users Management

Ad Placement Management

View and manage all ad placements without logging into your partner sites for links or reports. Siteology does it all saving you time.

Web-Pages Creation

Design, edit, and create new pages to add to your site within the Siteology interface.

Self Optimizing Tool

Automatically analyze your ad performance including creative to populate your pages with the top performers and maximize your revenue.

Ad Performance Analysis

Quickly view your ads performance and make any adjustments quickly to increase performance.

Sites and Page Analysis

Get page performance reports that provide you with relevant analysis and get the info you need.

Offer Performance

Take advantage of the offer analysis reports and quickly make any necessary adjustments needed.

Incoming Traffic ROI analysis

Optimize your marketing spend to see what you earned from the traffic you paid for in realtime.

Activity Tracking

Track all of your designated user activity and history so that you can easily see what changes have been made on your site.

Full User Management

Provide users with specific permissions to manage certain sites and or limit access.


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Number of Pages
Affiliate Networks
Number of Sites
Account Manager
On Boarding
Placement Management
Web Pages Creation
Network Integration
Adsense Integration
Advanced Optimization
Personalized Training
ROI Reporting
Lead Integration CR


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$1499 /per month

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Custom Pricing

200K +
3 +
Fee Based
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The journey started...

The journey started with the vision of two entrepreneurs that struggled to find a solution or product that would save them time and provide them with what they needed. They decided to create it themselves, tested it, became successful, and decided to share it with affiliates and website owners.

It was the year 2004 and NetFusion Media, Inc. had their start in the affiliate marketing space.  They built a successful affiliate network and wasn’t long before they realized they needed to create their own exclusive web properties to remain above the competition and create direct relationships both with Advertisers and Affiliates. 

While building their web properties they quickly realized the amount of time spent downloading reports, logging into multiple platforms, and combining data into spreadsheets in order to do a proper analysis.  Tired of doing this tedious daily routine their initial solution was to hire people to take on this task. 

Quickly realizing that with internet marketing, realtime solutions where necessary and it still took to much time to gather these vital statistics. Thus the idea of Siteology emerged, not to necessarily replace marketing teams but instead provide instant realtime reports and allow team members to do their jobs more efficiently and increase productivity.

Immediately upon the release of the first version profit margins increased by over 50%. At that moment they realized they had something special and that it can help any online marketer tremendously. Still continuing to use Siteology for their web properties over the years they had the ability to beta test the product in detail. Funded by the company with no external investors and built by their own development team it is now ready for everyone to enjoy.


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